Books & Prints

Edgar Leciejewski - Tones
Hannah Rickards - Grey light. Left and right back, high up, two small windows
Furniture of the Fogo Island Inn
Playing Cards
Fogo Island and Change Islands Map Poster
Remote Places
Todd Saunders: Architecture in Northern Landscapes
Fogo Island and Change Islands Postcards (Set of 3)
Wildflowers of Fogo Island and Change Islands
Wildflowers of Newfoundland and Labrador
Kate Newby – Let The Other Thing In
Edible Plants of Newfoundland and Labrador
Trees and Shrubs of the Maritimes
Therese Frere Book - Art at the Edge
Zin Taylor – Lichen Voices Stripes and Dots
Trees and Shrubs of NL
Kevin Schmidt – Edm House
Birds of Newfoundland
Silke Otto-Knapp – Questions of Travel
4 Dimensional Mapping
Geology of Newfoundland
Cranky DVD
Cut From The Cloth Of Fogo - Stewart Payne
Spirit of Place
Old Harbours: A Fisherman's Legacy
Old Harbours: The Turn of the Tide
Of Earth & Sea: Laughter & Tears
Thérèse Frère Art Print - Little Harbour, Barr'd Islands
Thérèse Frère Art Print - Bill Head's Premises & Ray Cobb's Stage
Thérèse Frère Art Print - Anglican Church, Seldom
Thérèse Frère Art Print - Vista, Island Harbour Fogo Island
Thérèse Frère Art Print - Salt Harbour
Old Harbours: A Strange Twilight