Winds and Waves Artisans' Guild


The Wind and Waves Artisans' Guild was formed in March 2009 to provide an opportunity for local artisans to pursue their artistic aspirations and to improve and expand their skill in a skills sharing environment. Interested individuals came together to work with other like-minded people and to be part of a group who were just beginning to recognize much of their work as "art."

The Guild is dedicated to the support of local art and in providing a setting where local artisans can meet and share knowledge and experiences, which advances Fogo Island and Change Island's art and craftsmanship. The social interaction fosters growth and allows the establishment of standards which ensure quality of their work.

The Guild is a place shaped by the forces of nature and a people who are true survivors deeply rooted in the culture of Fogo Island and Change Islands. Guild artists' creations reflect who they are and what has brought them to this place in time. Drawing on traditional skills, new techniques and interpretations, the artisans are committed to designing and producing culturally relevant products while striving towards standards of excellence.